Field Trip — FIRE and ICE

South Sister reflecting in Moraine Lake
South Sister reflecting in Moraine Lake

October 18th – 2014

The Geomorphology of Oregon course held a day-long class in the field with a trip to Oregon’s Central Cascade Mountains.  The trip was led by River Researcher Group Member Pollyanna Lind and attended by 12 students including River Researchers Jenna Duffin, Christina Appleby, and Eli Tome.  The Cascades Mountains make up the active volcanic arc that stretches the spine of the state North to South from Mount Hood to Mount McLaughlin.  During the Last Glacial Maximum glaciers topped the main peaks and partially extended down many of the Cascade river valleys.  As a result, this volcanic landscape has distinguishing marks of ice-carved peaks, U-shaped valleys and moraines and other glacier deposits. The primary stops along the way were Salt Creek Falls, Moraine Lake and Devils Chain on the southern Flanks of the South Sister, the headwater spring of Cultus River – loaded with spawning fish, and the lava-dammed Davis Lake.

Crossing Devils Chain, South Sister