Andrew Carpenter


Phone: 541.346.4648







B.A. in Chemistry, Mathematics (2012)
Linfield College, McMinnville, OR

M.Sc. in Physical Chemistry (2016)
University of Oregon
Advisor: Dr. G. Richmond

Research Project

Nanoemulsions, kinetically stable oil-water dispersions, have attracted the interest of a diverse set of scientists for their application to material synthesis and within the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, and oil industries.  However, a molecular picture of the interfacial region has eluded researchers due to the difficulty of measuring this region without interference from the bulk solution.  Using Vibrational Sum-Frequency Scattering Spectroscopy we probe the vibrational modes of surfactant species present at the curved nanoemulsion interface.  We seek to learn about the structure of this interfacial region and the manner in which surfactants assemble at the curved oil-water interface to learn more about what contributes to the formation and stabilization of nanoemulsions.


“Molecular Insights Into the Structure of Nanoemulsions”  Andrew P. Carpenter, Jennifer K. Hensel, Regina Ciszewski, Brandon Schabes, Geraldine Richmond.  ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia, PA.  August 23, 2016.

“Counter-Ion Effects on Surfactant Assembly at the Oil-Water Interface of Reverse Emulsions”  Andrew P. Carpenter, Jennifer K. Hensel, Geraldine Richmond.  2015 Graduate Research Forum, University of Oregon.  February 2015.

Outside the Lab
Outside of the lab you can find me running the paths around Eugene, biking, and occasionally inside a coffee shop reading a good book.


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