Current News!

  • Bri Gordon’s Upcoming PhD Defense!
  • Congratulations Geri, the 2018 Priestley Medalist!!! Click here to learn more!


      • Congratulations to our newest PhD candidate, Rebecca Altman, on passing her candidacy exam!

      • Happy Holidays, from the Richmond Lab!

      • Sorry for the delay on our annual Halloween Picture! This past halloween we were quite “punny”. See if you can guess us all!

    Previously, in the Richmond Lab…

    • Congratulations to Laura McWilliams for the successful defense of her PhD Thesis! And for surviving the traditional group pie-ing!
    • Congratulations to Dr. Ellen Robertson for her appointment as a faculty member at Kalamazoo College!
    • Holiday greetings from the Richmond group and our holiday gift wrapping party for our adopted family from Womenspace in Eugene.IMG_3193
    • Happy Halloween from the Richmond Group! We’ll leave you to guess the annual theme.



    • Congratulations to Jenn and Clive on their new baby!20150428_104057
    • Big things happening in the Richmond lab! Dr. Jennifer Hensel and soon-to-come baby.


    • Congratulations to Dr. Jet Meitzner for a successful thesis defense! Best of luck at Lam Research this fall!
    • Check out the great things USA Science Envoy Dr. Richmond is doing in Laos this year!
    • Happy trails to Dr. Nicholas Valley and Dr. Sumi Wren, two of our super-star post-docs moving on to bigger things!
    • If you see a familiar face in UO’s science stores, say hello to Dr. Clive Kittredge, who has started work there part time
    • We welcome our newest arrival: REU student Nina Vincent from Scripps College!


    The Richmond group: using lasers to illuminate the world.

    The Richmond Lab is looking stylish in our new shirts!

    This summer’s hottest fashion trend was designed by our very own Dr. Sumi Wren


    Goodbye Sushi for our beloved Dr. Sumi Wren!!

    Clockwise around the table: Bri Gordon, Dr. Geri Richmond, Dr. Clive Kittredge, Dr. Jenny Hensel, Priscilla Lewis, Andrew Carpenter, Dr. Nicholas Valley, Jet Meitzner, Dr. Sumi Wren, and Laura McWilliams.

    Happy holidays from the Richmond lab!

    Give this picture a click, and if you’re seeing double, it’s not from the eggnog!

    From left-to-right: Jet Meitzner, Regina Ciszewski, Andrew Carpenter, Laura McWilliams, Priscilla Lewis, Dr. Sumi Wren, Bri Gordon, Dr. Geri Richmond, Dr. Clive Kittredge, and Dr. Jenny Hensel

    Our cartoonishly fun Halloween!

    From left-to-right: Brandon “Freakazoid” Schabes, Clive “Bamm-Bamm” Kittredge, Jenny “Pebbles” Hensel, Andrew “Nigel Thornberry” Carpenter, Laura “Daria” McWilliams, Sumi “Sailor Jupiter” Wren, Bri “The Frizz” Gordon, Nick “Bullwinkle” Valley, Jet “The Genie-ous” Meitzner, Priscilla Lewis, Geri “Riding-Hood” Richmond, Regina “Powerpuff” Ciszewski

    The Richmond Labbers go to a baseball game and have a dance party

    Goodbye sushi lunch for Ellen’s graduation!

    From left to right: Andrew Carpenter, Jet Meitzner, Dr. Nick Valley, Dr. Geri Richmond, Dr. Ellen Robertson, Dr. Sumi Wren, Dr. Clive Kittredge, Dr. Jennifer Hensel, Bri Gordon, Priscilla Lewis, Laura McWilliams, Brandon Schabes, Regina Ciszewski

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