Konnor Jones


B.S. in Chemistry (2018)
Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, KY

M.S. in Chemistry (2018)
Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, KY
Advisor: M. Nee

Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry (In Progress)
University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
Advisor: Dr. G. Richmond

Research Project 
The ability of surfactants to lower the surface tension of a liquid has made them a main component in many commercial products. The electrostatic interactions between cationic and anionic (catanionic) surfactants mixtures synergistically reduce the surface tension of liquids. Moreover, the coulomb interactions between catanionic surfactants causes  vesicles and rodlike micelles to form, which are not observed in single surfactant systems. These unique properties of mixed ionic surfactants makes them appealing for commercial applications and the remediation of oil from oil spills. My work uses surface tension measurements and sum frequency spectroscopy to examine how these mixed surfactant systems adsorb to the oil/water interface.

Outside the Lab 
I love to be outdoors and especially to rock climb!


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