Research & Publications

My research addresses fundamental questions about fractals (which are patterns that repeat at increasingly fine size-scales) and the chaotic processes that create them. My main projects focus on applying the concept of bioinspiration to nanoscience, visual science and visual art and feature an interplay between fundamental and applied research. The diverse applications of my work range from sight-restoration using retinal implants to stress-reduction using art. Comprised of typically 10 students from the physics, computer science, psychology and human physiology departments, my Fractals Research Laboratory provides a unique research resource. The research involves collaborators from the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Sweden, and is funded predominantly by the NSF, W.M. Keck Foundation, ONR, USAF and the RCSA.

art5art1Links to publications & further information:

Fractal Retinal Implants

Fractals in nanoelectronics, neural sensors and solar cells

Fractals in psychology and art

Jackson Pollock’s fractal paintings