R Markdown Resources

Today we talked about the what, why, and how of R markdown. There are a lot of good tutorials out there (here and here), but here are a few quick links for your reference, and a brief intro.

R markdown is a way of integrating the text of a document with R code that will be run each time you compile the document. Markdown is the format of the document text and, like HTML (but way simpler), lets you define some text as a headings, regular paragraphs, bullet lists, and more. In R markdown, you can also add chunks of code (called ‘chunks’) that are actually run with any output (plots, tables, or raw R output) written inline with the text. By default, it also echos the code to the document. You can compile R markdown documents to HTML, PDF, and word docs. It will change your life.

An example of the raw R markdown document and what it looks like when compiled:

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