R Club: An Introduction to R

Tomorrow’s R Club meeting will start out with a presentation from Rose Maier. She’ll be showing us a demonstration of Bayes Theorem that she programmed in R and some plotting in ggplot2 (which is a nice alternative to the basic plotting we demonstrated last week).

After Rose’s presentation John will go over some basic (but more advanced than last week) R programming. Topics will include any/all of the following: functions and arguments, subsetting data, understanding the structure of data files, reading and writing .csv files, different ways of doing exploratory data analysis, more about plotting and ggplot2, and we’ll take a look at for loops again. We’re always happy to spend more or less time on any of these topics (or add others) depending on the preferences/needs of the group!

For R Club veterans or more advanced users, we’d love your input. Would you like to show us how to do a certain type of analysis in R? Is there something that you think would have been especially helpful for you when you were starting out with R? Are there other more advanced topics that you’d like to discuss? Please let us know!

Hope to see you all tomorrow!

Jessica (I wrote this announcement – typos/awkwardness/mistakes are all my fault)

& John


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