Learn about the vi / Emacs war tonight at 5:00pm

Hello all,

Megen just informed me that the UO Women in Computer Science group is hosting a session on vi/Vim and Emacs, two text editors with cult followings, tonight at 5:00pm. My understanding is that the room will be Deschutes 100. Below is the original email:

>> WiCS people,
>> Learn about the epic “holy war”* between the editors.
>> Professor Boyana Norris will present about vi/Vim.
>> Professor Michal Young will present about Emacs.
>> Bring your laptop, or use a room 100 computer,
>> to get started using one or both of these two.
>> …
>> * not really a war, not really about religions.

Since several RClub members have recently asked about Emacs specifically, this may be good to check out. Thanks, Megen!

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