Week 6 Materials: Catch Up and Review

We’re pretty much through the UCLA slides for Intro to R, so we wanted to take a day to tie up loose ends. This is an opportunity to go back and review what we’ve covered already and post your code to BitBucket if you want to share it with other members of the group. For your convenience, here are the practice sets (with relevant data files) from weeks 1-5:

Week 1: Intro and Dataframe Practice (data1) (data2)
Week 2: Exploring Data (data)
Week 3: ggplot2
Week 4: More Practice Manipulating Datasets
Week 5: Inferential Statistics

Also think about how you want to use the last few weeks of Fall13 R Club. Is there a dataset you’d like to analyze? Do you have a set of data cleaning procedures you do often, and you’d like to make it into a R script that you can easily run over and over? Perhaps you have some analyses you’ve already conducted, but you’d like to translate the work into R code so you can post it when you publish the results, like all the cool kids are doing?

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