Feedback, both general and specific

First, a general request for feedback: This is just a reminder that everyone should feel free to post requests on the blog (see the Topic Requests page – let me know if you have trouble posting), or if you prefer, you can email me or Nicole directly rather than posting publicly. Also please let us know if you have general comments/requests/questions – this club is shaped by the people who attend! The whole point is to tailor it to the needs and interests of the group.

Secondly, a specific request for feedback: For next week, would you rather…
1. Spend more time on the content we covered for weeks 1 and 2 (practice manipulating datasets and basic plotting)
2. Go deeper into plotting (ggplot2) and start generating some of those badass R plots one hears about so often
3. Move onto statistical tests, probably starting with basics like t-tests, ANOVAs and regression
To voice your opinion, reply to this post, or email Nicole or me.


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