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A Quick Guide to Online Portfolios

“Online portfolios are a make or break.” “They’re the way to get your name out there and a foot in the door.” You’ve heard professors and professionals say these words time and time again. Websites and online portfolios are a quintessential part of being a student and a young professional so its important to make yours stand out. You know that having a prideful e-portfolio is important, but what exactly should you put on your page?

About Me

This is the perfect place to tell potential employers who you are and what you can do. It can include where your from, your favorite past times or a fun fact. It is always good to include your school name, major and expected graduation time. Additionally, be sure to include your career related goals so that employers can sense if you would be a good fit for their company. What industry do you want to work in? What city do you want to work in?Agency or in-house?

For example, “I aspire to work in at a large technology public relations agency in Chicago upon graduation.”

Work Samples

Only include your best work. If you aren’t proud of and passionate about a sample, it’s not worth showing to a potential employer. Pick out your best and brightest pieces and show them off. You can use samples from classes or internships if you have had any. It is always good to show a variety of skills. For example, a news release to show writing, an infographic to show design and an PR plan to show strategic thinking. A wide range of samples shows all of your different skills and attributes. Just be careful not to crowd your page with too many work samples.


Include a tab for your resume where you can upload it as an image and link to the PDF. This way if your work samples draw in a potential employer they can learn even more about you and your experience.


The addition of a “contact” section on your website ensures that anyone who wants to reach out can. You can include a contact form available through many hosting sites, such as WordPress and Square Space, that allows visitors to put their information and a brief description of why they want to get in contact with you. You can also just add your email, LinkedIn or phone number for contact. If you really want to cover your bases, do both!


Online portfolios allow you to connect with professionals and show off all of your talents and skills. They are a great way to incorporate who you are into what you do. When creating an e-portfolio, however, it is important to keep it up-to-date. If a potential employer looks you up online and finds your portfolio with a resume from 2015, and work samples to match, they aren’t seeing your best and brightest work. Every time you have a new piece that makes you glow, add it on! Every time you have a new, stunning version of your resume, update it! Just make sure as you add you look through your older pieces and determine if they are still relevant.

Most of all, remember that online portfolios are all about you…so have fun with them!


Written by Sophie Ey

Spring 2017 Special Courses

Not sure what to take Spring term? Take a look at the two special courses offered for PR majors. Special courses are a great way to expand your experience and learn about an area of PR that you may be interested. They are offered twice a year (Winter and Spring) and count towards upper division elective credits. This Spring, SOJC PR will offer a Nonprofit course and an Event Planning workshop.

J480: Nonprofit online crowdfunding

  • Instructor: Courtney Munther
  • Credits: 4

Interested in nonprofit? In this course, you will gain knowledge about fundraising and donor cultivation in the digital age. Individuals will learn about the challenges and opportunities of cultivating relationships with donors. You will get hands on experience by working with real clients to develop fundraising campaigns, and hear from nonprofit leaders in the Pacific Northwest.This class is designed to help prepare you for a meaningful communications career in the nonprofit world.

J408: Special Events Planning

  • Adjunct Instructor: Denise Rosetti
  • Credits: 2 credits, 1 weekend

Interested in event planning? The Special Events Planning workshop will teach you the necessary tools to plan and effectively execute an event. Students will learn about industry trends, budgets, timelines, marketing and contingency plans. In groups, individuals will have the opportunity to plan real events in the community. Past clients include The Sasquatch Beer Festival and The South Willamette Wineries Association Barrel Tour.

We are recruiting for the Bateman 2017 Case Study Competition!

SOJC PR is looking for five public relations students to join this year’s Bateman team! Participants will have the chance to compete with teams across the country to come up with a winning campaign for the Campaign to Change Direction, to change the culture of mental health in America.

“I was looking for a challenging course that would test skills I had learned in the PR sequence thus far. PR requires so many different skills and you can’t entirely master all of them without putting the skills into action” said, 2016 participant Drew Forrest (@DrewJF1).

  • Value of participating

For 15 weeks, you will participate in a nationally-recognized competition with four other students to create a winning campaign that will be included in your portfolio. This is a unique start-to-finish experience involving research, planning, implementation and evaluation. This competition challenges you to bring everything you have learned to implement the best campaign you can. Students can receive up to 4 SOJC credits for either Campaigns (J454) or an elective.

  • Things to consider

Students will represent the University of Oregon. The application process and selection is competitive. This is not a traditional PR class, it is a competition, therefore, time commitment is heavy. Participants conduct secondary research over the winter break and finalize their campaign the first week of spring term. You are expected to work in a team and independently.

  • Application process

To apply, email your resume and a cover letter to Professor Kelli Matthews at kmatthew@uoregon.edu by Friday, November 18 at 5 p.m.  After you are accepted, you must be a PRSSA member. If you missed the deadline, nationals allows Bateman competitors to join after November 1st. To become a member contact UO PRSSA finance director Erika Goto at egoto@uoregon.edu.

For more information about the competition please visit: http://prssa.prsa.org/scholarships_competitions/bateman/.

Don’t miss the chance to work for a real client, participate in a nationally recognized competition and challenge yourself!

Written by Maritza Rendon