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Opportunity to Work With Students: PR Campaigns Clients Needed for Winter & Spring Term

Each term our public relations students round out their PR requirements with the capstone course in the sequence: PR Campaigns. The class is designed to provide a bridge for students from the theoretical and hypothetical to the real world. Students work in teams of between four and six members with local and regional organizations to solve real communications problems.

In order to create that experience, we rely on organizations who are interested in working with students.

During Winter term (January – March) and Spring term (April – June), we need multiple clients to work with our student teams.

What are we looking for?

  • Nonprofits, government entities, small business or corporate departments that have a finite communications issue. The term is 10 weeks and we like to give our students opportunities to design and execute a campaign during that time frame. We recognize this is fast, but we can help brainstorm if you have an issue, but need help defining it for a shorter timeframe.
  • Organizations that are open to working with students and allowing them to strategize and problem solve. It doesn’t work well if you have a specific task in mind (ex: “we need a brochure” or “we need someone to start our Facebook page.”). Sometimes the students will come to the same conclusion you do (ex: “you need a brochure” or “you should have a social media presence.”), but not always.
  • Organizational leaders who have time to work with a student team. That includes ramping up and helping them access people, information, past research and campaign material in the first couple of weeks and then being available to meet weekly, answer questions and provide insight for the remainder of the term. Each class will have specific times and dates you’ll be needed for presentations, but in general, the meetings and work with the students can be at your convenience.

If you are interested in working with our PR Campaigns class, please connect with Kelli Matthews. Please include your organization name, website and a brief description of the communication problem that you would like to have help with (and, of course, any questions you have!). Kelli or Kevin Brett (the Winter Term instructors) will follow up with you.