Certifications to help you stand out

You may be part of an on-campus organization, volunteer somewhere in town, have internships or outstanding class work. Despite all of this, you may still be wondering, what else can I do to best prepare for a job after college? How about… online certifications? Online certifications can broaden your skills and help you stand out from your peers.

Consider doing some of the following:

Cision is the “leading global provider of PR software and services including content marketing, media monitoring, media list building, distribution, and analysis.” Cision University Program is an opportunity for college students to get hands-on experience with this software by familiarizing themselves with it, building lists and generating reports. To complete the certification you must: take the online course, complete the knowledge checks after each section, take the final exam and get a 90 percent or above and finally, log a minimum of 20 hours in CisionPoint. This certification takes around 30 hours to complete and is a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with a software that you will likely use in your PR career.

This certification will prove your skills and familiarity with Google and Digital analytics. To get certified you have to take the free online courses, and pass the 90-minute multiple choice exam with an 80 percent or above. This certification takes around 30 hours and you will learn how to analyze online website and mobile traffic. Upon completion, your certificate is valid for one year.

You can get several certifications through Hootsuite to enhance your social media and analytical skills. Some of these certifications include Platform Certification and Social Marketing Certification. The process for completing the certifications are to take the free online courses and an exam to get certified. The completion time varies depending on the certification, but the format is similar.

Like these, there many other certifications that expand your knowledge and skill set. I highly encourage you to make time in your calendar and do one of these certifications. Upon completion make sure to tell your PR friends about your experience and add it to your resume and LinkedIn profile. So, what are you waiting for?

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