A few blogs to follow

Blogs are a great way to stay up-to-date with the industry, trends and identify influencers. No matter what you are interested in, PR or not, there is likely a blog about it.

If you are unsure where to start or are looking for a new blog to follow, consider the suggestions below. If you already read our top picks or have a favorite blog not featured in this list, share it with the SOJC PR community by commenting below.

  • Agency blogs

Most agencies have a blog where they post about industry trends, news and even career tips. If you’d like to hear from the CEO of Edelman, consider reading 6 A.M. In this blog, you will find information about communication trends, lessons and insights from Richard Edelman. Interested in technology? Consider reading The SHIFT blog. In this blog, you will not only find information about the tech industry but also get a unique perspective on the communications industry as a whole.

There are also many others similar to these. So, if you are interested in working for a specific agency go to their website, find out if they have a blog and read it.

Both of these on campus organizations have blogs that talk about trends, tips, industries, interests and lessons learned. These blogs are particularly interesting because they are written by your peers, so they tend to talk about things you are familiar with and have a unique perspective that you can relate to. They tend to mention people and places you may know (for example study places in Eugene), which always makes them a fun read.

This blog focuses on professional development and training for communicators. Fun fact, Gini Dietrich, the lead blogger, came to the University of Oregon to talk about her book Spin Sucks. So, if you are looking for a Spring Break read consider buying this book.

In this blog, you will find posts about newsworthy events and how they apply to the PR communications industry. This blog is a great way to get tips while you drink your cup of coffee in the morning. Some sample posts are “5 ideas to jazz up your presentations” and “4 ways PR pros can digitally detox.”

Other blogs to consider:

As aspiring PR professionals looking to enter the field, it’s important to get into the habit of reading constantly. So, surf the web and find a blog to follow!

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