Winter 2017 Special Courses

It’s almost that time of the term again…registration time! We have a few courses available Winter 2017 that aren’t normally on the class list. These are excellent classes to expand your skill set and gain more PR knowledge. If you are looking for some fun, informative classes to add to your upcoming class schedule check these out!


J399 – Design for PR

with Professor Nicole Damen

Design is more than just aesthetic. It’s communication. As such, effective design is a critical component of successful public relations. In this hands-on course, you will design memorable, meaningful and ethical PR communications for a given message, audience and medium. Course includes design for print, digital and social media.

J480 – Top Strategic Social Media

with Professor Kelli Matthews

Develop your strategic social media skills for public relations as you prepare for the workforce. Social media is more and more on the forefront of public relations. Learn the best practices and get ahead of the game!

Written by Sophie Ey

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