2016 Bateman Case Study Competition

The annual PRSSA Bateman case study competition is a chance to compete with teams across the country to come up with a winning campaign for a client. Some of the past clients include Home Matters, Ford Motor Credit Company, and Visa U.S.A. This year’s client was Student Veterans of America.

A group of five public relations students with the guidance of Professor Kelli Matthews were challenged to create a campaign to increase support for student veterans as well as raise awareness of student veterans on campus and in the community.

Take a look at what this year’s UO PRSSA Bateman team has to say about the competition.

1) What motivated you to participate in the competition?

Senior public relations student Drew Forrest (@DrewJF1) said, “I was looking for a challenging course that would test skills I had learned in the PR sequence thus far. PR requires so many different skills and you can’t entirely master all of them without putting the skills into action. ”

Senior public relation student Jasmine Arant (@JaziArant) and Kenzie Yoshimura (@Kenzieyoshi) said they were motivated to participate in the competition because they took the Arthur Case Study Competition and really enjoyed it. It was recommended to them by several faculty and they wanted to get as much hands-on experience as possible before graduating. Senior Kevin Loder (@Kevin_Loder) aspires to work in higher education, so he saw this competition as an opportunity to work towards his career goal.  

2) What were your initial thoughts before starting the campaign?

Before the planning and implementation of the campaign the team did secondary research about their target audience and client over winter break. “I don’t think I really knew what I was getting into. I really wasn’t sure how a campaign worked in it’s entirety prior to beginning the course. However, I was happy that our client was Student Veterans of America as it allowed us to work with incredible people on a very interesting topic,” said Arant.

3) What challenges did you face?

  • Creating a campaign for a target audience we were not very familiar with.
  • Getting the campaign off the ground due to confidentiality issues.
  • Getting all the necessary information.
  • Coming up with realistic strategies and tactics in a short time frame.

4) Could you tell us a little bit about what your campaign looked like?

“Our campaign ranged multiple platforms. We worked with Veterans and Family Student Association (UO student veteran club) on their digital efforts, created and compiled a resource list for student veterans, got in touch with faculty in regards to resources for student veterans in their classes, spread awareness through social media and generally increased the conversation surrounding student veterans on campus,” said Forrest.

UO Bateman team Student Veteran night event.
UO Bateman team Student Veteran night event.

5) What valuable skills did you learn?

  • Hands-on event planning.
  • The importance of knowing your target audience.
  • Communication, communication,communication. Keep open lines of communication with group members, respond promptly to emails and communicate your own thoughts.
  • When it comes to copyediting, the more eyes the better.
  • The transition from planning on paper to real life implementation.
  • It is helpful to have a team with a range of skills so that the separate parts can be executed well.

6) Who would you recommend this competition to?

Students who want to challenge themselves, who are willing to give 110% and are looking for real life opportunities and work.

Benefits to participating:

  • Unique start-to-finish experience involving research, planning, implementation and evaluation.
  • Nationally-recognized competition
  • Can substitute for campaigns (J454)
  • Substantial portfolio builder

Things to consider:

  • You can receive up to 4 SOJC credits for either J454 (campaigns) or elective credit, depending on your needs and qualifications.
  • You need to be a PRSSA member.
  • Time commitment is heavy. This is not a class, it is a competition. You are on call everyday and are expected to contribute when necessary.

Learn more info at: http://prssa.prsa.org/scholarships_competitions/bateman/

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