Spring 2014 Public Relations Workshops & Seminars

Spring 2014 course schedule has several workshops and short-courses that you might be interested in. Please see the list below for more info.  

J408: Special Event Planning

  • CRN:35663
  • Instructor: Denise (Vendley) Rosetti
  • Dates: Saturday/Sunday 4/12-4/13

Interested in event planning? Whether it’s a festival, conference, ceremony, meeting, convention or fundraiser, event planning takes a keen eye for detail and love of logistics. Successful events must be planned and managed like any great public relations campaign: with a strategic focus on achieving the organization’s goals, reaching the right audience and achieving key objectives. Students meet for two days and then work in teams with clients to plan an event. The class requires teams to work autonomously and commit to planning and producing a successful event for their client. [2 credits, 1 weekend + event]

J408: Portfolios for PR

  • CRN: 35662
  • Instructor: Kathryn Kuttis
  • Dates: Saturday/Sunday 4/26-4/27

This workshop will provide you an opportunity to prepare for your final portfolio review in J454, but also provide you the skills to translate that specific experience into the job search/interview process. We’ll not only focus on the design and presentation of your portfolio, but on networking strategies and resume-creation skills. [1 credit, 1 weekend]

J410: Advanced Media Relations

  • CRN: 39627
  • Instructor: Kathryn Kuttis
  • Dates: 3/31-5/02 [five-week course]

This course will build on the skills learned in J352: Public Relations Writing to advance your understanding of strategic media relations. We will employ challenging group exercises and simulations that develop your storytelling techniques and help you think like a reporter. You will learn how to research and build relationships with reporters and use compelling pitches that rely on visuals, statistics, national trends and news hooks to earn coverage. During this five-week class, you will begin to cultivate a reputation for accuracy and effective communication that will be essential as you look to establish professional relationships with clients and the news media Pre-reqs: PR Major, J350, J352. Recommend: J452, J453 [2 credits, five weeks]

J410: Crisis Communications

  • CRN: 39628
  • Instructor: Kelli Matthews
  • Dates:  5/05-6/08 [five-week course]

This course focuses on the role of public relations in the prevention and response to crises. You’ll get insights on key concepts, theoretical perspectives, essential skills and abilities, and critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary for effective crisis management within organizations. You’ll learn how to prepare for and respond to corporate, nonprofit, and government sector crises from a public relations perspective. We’ll analyze cases, create a crisis plan and maybe even respond to a (simulated) crisis. This five-week course builds on the J410 Advanced Media Relations course. Pre-reqs: PR Major, J350, J352. Recommend: J410 Advanced Media Relations J452, J453 [2 credits, five weeks]

Not specifically public relations, but worth your time: 

J408: Presentation Skills

  • Instructor: Mark Lewis
  • Three sections offered, see DuckWeb

Presentation Skills or “Don’t Worry … It’s Only a Stage You’re Going Through”

[from Mark] The skills you master in my class will serve you in every aspect of your life. You will:

  • Understand the significance of etiquette and generosity to and for the people in the room.
  • Explore the impact of presence and ownership as you stand in front of an audience.
  • Craft a personal, presentation style using honesty, integrity and sincerity.
  • Develop the understanding of the value of story and the secret of knowing when to stop talking and ask questions.

Participation is 50% of your grade. Being a caring and supportive audience is the other 50%. When you truly give your best effort – you win! The only wrong answer in my classes is “Not Doing It”. [2 credits, 1-time per week]




  1. Sierra Kemp

    Yay I am so excited that J408 Special Event Planning will be offered this spring! I have heard so many great things about the events that people get to work on and how much they learn! I will be signing up for that for sure!

  2. Jen McDevitt

    I really wish this was a J412 next term! I’d love to have it fulfill my Core Context B, but it sounds like an great class filled with lots of important info!

  3. Carly Schoonhoven

    I can’t wait to take Presentation Skills! I’m so glad there are three sections offered.
    I recommend that anyone interested in events take Special Event Planning. I took it in the Fall and got some great real world experience. I also made some great connections. I am now helping my client plan his next event this summer!

  4. Samantha Hanlin

    I will definitely be signing up for both 410 classes! I am so excited that these workshops are being offered, it will be so helpful later on down the line. Thank you for the info!!

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