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Travel Lane County

From Janis Ross at Travel Lane County:

Kelli, we have an interesting project that I’d love to have a student group tackle. It involves creating and producing a short video for a convention proposal bid. The conference is called SoMeT13, and it’s for tourism professionalisms who utilize social media. The group requires that our bid is one-page (and can include links – which is where the video comes in), and the host destination is selected via facebook vote. The winning destination for last year’s conference received some 20,000 votes.

Travel Lane County, together with the Hilton Eugene, has come up with a fun theme – but we really need some assistance in filming, staging, creative, and editing.

Basically, we want to produce a very fun, short video to hype Eugene as a destination for a social media conference. The theme is “Slug Bug” – that game kids play in the car where they slug their neighbor in the arm whenever they see a VW Bug. It’s kind of a play on the poke in Facebook. So we’re looking for quick clips of bugs and people “slugging” other people in the arm (in a fun way!). We also thought we could include the Slug Queen and Sluggo. Our dream would be to include Puddles as well. The video would need to be filmed in various places in the city.

The bid is due on February 22nd, so it’s a very quick turnaround.

Put a team together (or fly solo) and email Janis at: Janis

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Also heard that:

AO Creative is looking for a social media intern. Ask Kelli about it.


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