Winter 2013: New Course & Workshops

We have a few courses available Winter Term 2013 that aren’t normally on our class list and are outside of the “how do you graduate” checklist. If you have room in your schedule, you should consider adding these.

J199 Sp St InDesign for PR (2 credits) Steve Asbury has created a workshop just for PR students to really give them a solid grounding in InDesign. 27586

J408 Wrk Portfolio for PR (2 credits) This workshop covers everything from putting together the hard copy and e-portfolio to how to write the thank you note and how to dress. Note: This information is not being covered in J454. This workshop is a must to prep for portfolio reviews! 27196

J410 Strat Bus/Fin Comm (4 credits) Learn how to communicate with the financial world–a must for folks interested in corporate work or agency work on corporate accounts. 27209

J412 Top Strategic Social Media (4 credits) This isn’t a skills course, it’s a course about how to really use social media strategically, and students have used what they’ve learned in this class to land great positions. Course website. 23637

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