Five Ways to Increase Press Coverage

By Erica Freeze

When you have finally finished a piece and it receives coverage, all you want to do is sigh with relief. However, just because an article has received some coverage doesn’t mean you should stop reaching for more. Proactively providing audiences with the latest news on your client, and showing them how your client’s goals align with theirs, can help you gain coverage for months after an article has been published. View these tips on how to gain more coverage:

Put it on the FRONT PAGE of the website
Did your client receive recognition for an outstanding product or an innovative idea? It is extremely important to promote this on the website, and have it be the first thing that prospective customers see. Make sure to reach out to the publisher so you can properly and legally use logos.

Share it on social media
Utilize all social media platforms that your client uses to promote the article, even on some that are less utilized for article sharing, such as Instagram. Also, making it more personal and asking upper management to share on their social will show how important increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty is to your client.

Syndicate Coverage
Does the press coverage include a link back to your client’s website? If so, then you can utilize content syndication to keep interaction up weeks or even months after the article has been published. Utilizing syndication networks will help more key publics’ view the news on your client’s key messages or products they have to offer. The purpose of this syndication is to increase brand awareness, and it will help.

Include the article in a newsletter
If your client has a wide email contact base, then utilize this to promote the press coverage. Attach a link to the article in the bottom of your client’s newsletter. Provide a summary on what the article covered and a small back story along with the link. Additionally, if someone in your contact base was featured in the story, make sure to include that person’s name in the newsletter to show the customers that the brand cares.

Include press coverage in email campaigns
Most organizations have email campaigns that feature the promotion of specific products or key messages each month to align with what target audiences want to see. If the press coverage features something that will align with target audiences, make sure to include the news article in your email campaign series. Customers want to see how products and key messages can help them solve problems and provide solutions.

Following these tips will help your client receive more brand awareness and customer loyalty. How will you utilize these tips for your next press coverage?

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