5 Things to Do After Your Internship Ends

Internships are a great way to start your career in the public relations industry. Most of us focus on how to get an internship and how to excel during the internship, but the importance of what you should do after your internship is over is often overlooked. Here are five things you can do to ensure that you get the most out of your experience.

1. Don’t forget to say ‘thank you’

Remember to say ‘thank you’ to everyone you feel necessary. Send well thought out, handwritten letters to the company stating specific reasons you are appreciative for the experience. Remember to also thank specific people you worked with while you were there.

2. Don’t lose touch

Keeping in touch with fellow interns, co-workers and managers can be a great way to build your network. These people can also potentially get you connected with other great career opportunities. Be sure to send them an email occasionally to see how they’re doing or ask them out to coffee every once in a while.

3. Ask for feedback

Your boss can give you solid advice on your development as both a student, and a new member of the workplace. Show that you are open to constructive criticism and ask for feedback on how you are doing in the company. This will also show that you truly care about the work you are doing and strive to do better.

4. Ask for a letter of recommendation

Once your internship is over, don’t be too shy to ask for a reference or a letter of recommendation. Even if you realize that you do not want to pursue the field that your internship was in, your boss can still express your dedication, intelligence and overall work ethic. If you ask for a general letter of recommendation based on your performance, you can use it for multiple opportunities.

5. Don’t badmouth anyone

If you weren’t completely pleased with the way your internship went, it’s best not to vocalize it publicly. Keep your professional reputation in mind and never talk poorly about your employer on any social media platforms. Word of mouth can travel faster than you may think and the last thing you want to do is burn bridges within your network.

Baylie_Outside3croppedBaylie Waller is originally a Chicago native who is interested in brand management and fitness and nutrition public relations. She can one day see herself working in Portland or Seattle.

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