How to Network in the J-School

Networking seems to have a bad rap these days. It can be seen as a stiff and uncomfortable situation. However, networking is much more than that. Every day, you can be networking with your fellow students and professors. Here are some tips for networking within our current home, the School of Journalism and Communication.

Network with professors
There is no doubt that we have some of the best professors at the SOJC. They all come from different backgrounds and have different expertise. If you know you are interested in a certain realm of public relations, seek out a professor who has a similar specialty. If not, ask to speak with your current professor or faculty advisor. As instructors, they are here to help you find your way. They also have large networks of their past students who have entered the public relations industry and can connect you with them. It is important that you thank them for their time and advice. Nobody likes to feel used!

Join clubs and organizations
A great way to quickly grow your network is by joining clubs and student organizations. Attend a meeting and introduce yourself to some unfamiliar faces. Keep in mind that networking isn’t just with someone who is older or more experienced with you. Networking with your peers can be just as valuable as networking with a professional. In addition, if you are a passionate member of a student organization, apply for a leadership position when they come available. By being a leader, you are able to work on many projects with a variety of different people. (Currently, PRSSA is hiring a Public Relations Director!)

Participate in the PRSSA mentorship programs
If you are looking for a one-on-one experience, think about joining the UO PRSSA peer mentorship program or professional mentorship program. In the peer mentorship program, you can build a relationship with another SOJC student. Our professional mentorship program, which will launch again in Fall 2015, allows dues-paying members to be matched with a public relations professional. Through this program, PRSSA members are able to broaden their network to reach outside the walls of the SOJC.

Hallie_Inside1-cropped Hallie White is the UO PRSSA Vice President managing chapter membership and mentorship programs. Connect with her on Twitter at @halliecwhite.

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