How to Follow Up After Agency Tours

An extensive personal network is a valuable tool for any budding public relations professional, and agency tours are a great way to build these relationships. UO PRSSA recently visited three agencies in Seattle: Edelman, Weber Shandwick and Porter Novelli. Here are a few tips on how to follow up after agency tours to build your personal network:

Connect with the professionals on social media. Reach out to the professionals you spoke to and request a connection on LinkedIn. Personalize each request by mentioning something that specific person said. Also, follow the professionals on Twitter, tweet a thank you and engage with their tweets.

Send a thank you email. Did any particular people stand out? Thank them for their time and note an aspect of the agency that you enjoyed. If any conversations or tips reminded you of an article, include the article in the email. Be specific but concise, and keep the email under two paragraphs. Aim to send the email within a week of the agency tour. Also, don’t send a resume unless you were asked to – you don’t want to be pushy, you want to show your gratitude.

Want to go the extra mile? Send a handwritten thank you card instead. Be sure to send your card as soon as possible. Like the email, the handwritten thank you note should be personalized.

Cultivate a sustainable relationship. Don’t send one email and never reach out again. Check in every six months or so by sharing a relevant article or engaging on LinkedIn. But remember, networking is about mutuality. Don’t reach out to people to get something out of them – try to make every relationship mutually beneficial.

These tips also work for informational interviews! The key is to stay personal, engaged and courteous. Networking is about cultivating relationships; you have to give value to receive value.

What’s your take on networking? Share your tips for following up after agency tours in the comments below.

Kaitlyn Chock is a PRSSA project manager for the 2013-14 school year.  You can contact Kaitlyn at

2 comments on “How to Follow Up After Agency Tours
  1. Thank you so much for this post! I have had run- ins with professionals (not necessarily on an agency tour) and wanted to connect with them but did not know which steps to take first.

    I completely agree with wanted to connect on social media (particularly Twitter) because that is where a lot of public relations professionals connect. Twitter is a great place to connect and reach out to the professional you just met and I really like the idea of personalizing it by mentioning something they had said earlier. Personalizing a tweet shows interest and that you were listening to what was actually being said on the agency tour.

    Writing a thank you email is also a great idea. I think sending as soon as possible showing your gratitude for their tips and advice.

    I really appreciated these two steps. These not only apply to agency tours but when meeting any person you have interest in working for. I think they would be helpful even after having an interview for a potential job.

    Thanks again!

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