Biz Stone, succeeding with technology

Each year the PRSSA National Conference offers the opportunity to network with professionals from a variety of industries, giving members a better perspective of how to excel in today’s competitive work environment.

Overall, the goals of the conference is to help students develop the knowledge of public relations and to prepare passionate public relations practitioners for the competitive field. Many different lectures are offered throughout conference to cater to personal interests and goals of each person.

On Sunday, October 14, I had the opportunity to engage in a presentation given by Twitter co-founder, Biz Stone, at the 2012 PRSSA National Conference.

An interesting concept that Stone emphasized throughout his presentation was that any one can be successful in humanity efforts with the help of technology. After listening to him speak, I took away seven main points that can be applicable to the public relations field.

    1. Technology continues to impact the changing communications world. Biz stressed that change and technology go hand in hand in the consistently changing communications industry. Similarly to Matt Prince, social media manager of Disney, he mentioned that it is important to convey a story beyond the desktop in order for it to be effective.
    2. Opportunity can be manufactured. Stone continued to influence the audience through the concept that opportunity can be controlled by the individual. He believed that circumstances can be arranged by “you” so that “you” can produce favorable outcomes.
    3. Creativity is a renewable resource. There isn’t a limit to creativity. Creativity can take place in many different forms and can be a successful tool in changing how we function on a daily basis.
    4. There is compact impact in altruism. Relaying a positive message through technology can lead to an influential campaign.
    5. Philanthropy is the future of marketing. People want to give money to an organization that is striving to help a cause, such as TOMS shoes.
    6. Information is not knowledge. With the world producing so much information each day, simply knowing facts is not considered being knowledgeable. Stone stressed that in order to be innovative it is important to expand information that is given.
    7. CSR is corporate social innovation. Corporate social responsibility isn’t a team you want to fear being on. Instead, it is the team you should want to be on. Stone coined an optimistic twist to the term because he believed that the aim of CSR should embrace responsibility of a company’s actions by encouraging a positive impact.

Post by Bianca Bernath, Portland Liaison and member for the 2012-2013 school year. She is a senior at the UO studying public relations. You can reach Bianca at!

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