Benefiting from PRSSA Membership

Over the years many students have raised questions about the true benefits of becoming a PRSSA member. This question arises because students can still participate in PRSSA activities and events, even if they aren’t due-paying members. However, there are a multitude of benefits from becoming members that can help students with professional development. According to PRSSA National there are three major benefits for becoming members:

  • Enhancing your Education- Events, competition, leadership, scholarships
  • Broadening your Network- Events, social media, PRSA sponsor chapters, champions for PRSSA
  • Launching your Career- PRSA job center, internships, PRSA associate membership, PRSA sections

Changes we are making this year:

There are certain changes that we are making this year that give PRSSA members more benefits. We are planning on taking agency tours to Portland and possibly Seattle this year and we are only allowing members to take these trips. Agency tours are a great way for members to see the professional environment, network and talk to professionals in our industry.

Professional development:

There are numerous benefits that come from becoming PRSSA members. It not only gives students more opportunities for professional growth and development within public relations, but also gives them the opportunity to gain more professional experience.

Helping students receive jobs:

Many professionals say that nowadays having the words “PRSSA membership” on a resume makes a big difference. It shows that students can commit to a club that is related to their industry. It also shows that students are making a greater effort outside of internship opportunities and classes to gain more professional experience and network.

Post by Megan Bauer, Chapter Treasurer for the 2012-2013 school year. She is a senior at the UO studying public relations and advertising. You can reach Megan at!


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