The Book

This book is the third book in the series, New Perspectives on the Civil War Era, edited by Judkin Browning and Susanna Lee, for the University of Georgia Press. Information about this exciting series and the books on its list, click here.

Work on this project began in September 2014. That summer, Tim Williams worked with the collection of letters between Wash and Mollie at the special collections library at Virginia Tech and suggested co-editing the collection for the University of Georgia Press’s “New Perspectives on the Civil War” series. As it so happened, Evan Kutzler had spent part of the same summer at the Virginia Historical Society, where he came across a written manuscript copy of Wash Nelson’s memoir. It soon became clear that these two collections complemented each other in unexpected ways. While the letters and memoir were not designed to be read side by side, pairing the wartime and postwar sources allows access into the historical mind of men and women and the creative process of reading, writing, and interpreting the Civil War Era.

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