Welcome to the UOPA

Welcome to the University of Oregon Postdoc Association (UOPA) webpage! See the bottom of this page for a list of upcoming events.


Remember to sign up for the UOPA camping trip, June 22-24! We have a 25-tent campground reserved, Family and friends are welcome! To cover rental costs it will be $5/tent/night. Sign up here!

Here you will find information about the UOPA, our upcoming events, and resources to help you navigate the University of Oregon and the greater Eugene area as a postdoc.

Are you moving to Eugene soon? Check out our moving to Eugene page for information on housing, and activities in and around Eugene.

Our goal as an organization is to assist University of Oregon postdocs by providing resources for:

  1. career development
  2. work-life integration
  3. postdoctoral researchers in transition
  4. international postdoctoral researchers

Learn more about the UOPA in the About Us page.

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