Media Map

YouTube: Being able to put videos on it, I believe that YouTube is a great way to promote the activity of an orchestra especially an international orchestra which is supported by another government, because this way you can find both domestic audience and foreign sponsors and managers. The problem with YouTube for AISO is that this site is filtered in Iran. The way that I can think of to use this potential tool is through VPN and YouTube download tools. Since Iran does not support Copy Right, downloading videos can be one of the best ways of accessing them.

RadioJavan: This internet radio is the most favorite music playing sites that has found its way to Iranian houses. The demography of the audience of this site shows that most of its audiences are young people who are really interested in music. I chose RadioJavan as one my channels because I think through that AISO can reach to a high rate of ticket selling. This media also can boost the traffic of AISO’s Facebook, twitter and social media page.

BBC Persian: The statistics have shown that when a music or a group are introduced through Iranian media out of Iran, they attract more attention than domestic press and media, so I would believe an interview with these media will help the better publicity. On the other hand a media like BBC which has international fame does not have a strong art program in its Persian section so they are willing to have an interview with Iranian orchestras and this can be seen as a chance for AISO.

VPN: Although this is not a media channel but AISO fans need this application to be able to use media channels. This application changes the IP of a computer and ISP to an IP with an open port so through that you can bypass the filtering.


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