In the first days of this course I wanted to achieve these goals:


1. Learning the basics of art marketing strategies, tools and their use in this way:

Though I was familiar with working with some of the tools like Illustrator, In design … what this class helped me to get was trying to be more creative. I did not know that I can work with concepts, I did not know that those concepts can be interesting for people around me, I used to keep them for me. Like the day I put my poster behind the pillar not to be seen because I thought it is not understandable and is an ugly big junk.

2. Making a strong ePortfolio just like a real website

My site is not what I want, I couldn’t do that and it is not because I didn’t get enough from this class. It is because I just want it to be perfect immediately and so I need be big free time. like these coming holidays…

3. taking this class’s experience into other projects of other class’s

Although I did not really do that because of time shortage but I know that I had the knowledge and tool for doing that. For example for Cultural Administration, were we had to start and organization and work on it, we were thinking about making a Logo for our organization but making the organization itself was a big chunk of job that did not leave us with any other time to put for making logo, but I think I had the potential.

4. Being familiarized with different impacts of art on the society and vice verse

This is another fully achieved goal. I learned a lot on this especially with the presentations and lectures.



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