Lexicon (W2)

The space where interactions take place. From its biophysical point of view, it is the space that biophysical and biological

factors interact with each other. Also in software it is the space in the software which is the place of interaction between the

user and the software. Environment includes the action and reaction of the everything within it. Everything in it is important

either a tiny tool in a software or a big muscle in a body.


The adjustment of different parts in an environment which leads to a certain result. In an environment full of different objects

with an optimized alignment the result can be optimized. The arrangement of alliance group. In page layout and typesetting

is the setting of text,image … related to a column, page, table …


what a job, person or piece of art is known with.  In cultural identity it the matter of icon which is a culture is known with and

also the members with that cultural identity promote their group with that icon.This cultural identity can be result of race,

nationality, food, religious beliefs, language …


Heaviness or darkness of a stroke, of a line. Usually in painting the weight of a stroke is a result of the amount of the pressure

on the drawing tool but in Illustrator it can be set by using different stroke weights of changing the font. Weight of a line shows

the importance of a written word or phrase.




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