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If you’re involved in research surrounding Patterns, Pattern Languages, the Fifteen Properties, The Nature of Order, The Oregon Experiment, and other core research initiatives of Christopher Alexander, then you’re in the right place. The University of Oregon’s involvement with this research stretches back to 1970, and at least a dozen faculty members collaborated with Alexander, some for many decades. Those on campus today include Howard Davis, Hajo Neis, Don Corner, Jenny Young, Rob Thallon, Jim Givens, Stephen Duff, and Greg Bryant. A number of people in Eugene outside of the U of O also worked with Alexander, for example David Edrington, David Heine, and Olga Volchkova.

We’re continuing the work he started, and will track it here.

Upcoming events:

Building Beauty in Naples

PURPLSOC 2017 in Krems

Past events:

PUARL 2016 in San Francisco

Articles on the Oregon Experiment from Rain Magazine:

The Oregon Experiment After Twenty Years

Alexander Visits the Oregon Experiment

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