The University of Oregon Linguistics Department is pleased to announce a special two-day workshop on innovative methods in linguistic fieldwork. This workshop seeks to examine new approaches to research on lesser-studied languages and engagement with minority language communities.

After many successful decades of empirical investigation of language structure in minority languages, theoretical, methodological, and technological advances have opened up new opportunities for enriched fieldwork-based research. This inaugural workshop brings together experts in different aspects of field linguistic research, who will share their work and perspectives in a series of public talks as well as interactive seminars. These events focus on using GIS mapping techniques in the field (with Kristine Hildebrandt, SIUE), investigating variation in minority language communities (with James Stanford, Dartmouth), and collaboration with local communities (with Mark Turin, UBC). The program is outlined here.


Kristine Hildebrandt (Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville)

Associate Professor, Department of English Language & Literature

Senior co-Chair 2015, Committee on Endangered Languages and their Preservation


James Stanford (Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH)

Associate Professor of Linguistics


Mark Turin (University of British Columbia, Vancouver)

Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology

Chair, First Nations and Endangered Languages Program