Undergraduate Symposium

The Oregon Undergraduate Research Journal partners with UO Undergraduate Research Symposium (an annual event in May) to foster the collaborative spirit of undergraduate research on campus. We encourage OURJ authors to present their work at the Symposium, and Symposium presenters to submit their research papers to OURJ

In 2017, we held the first annual OURJ Oral Presentation Panel at the Undergraduate Symposium. OURJ Editor-in-Chief Sandra Dorning opened the panel with a description of the history and work of OURJ, and then two OURJ authors presented their work:

Paulla Santos presented her research, “Sexuality, Gender, and US Imperialism after Philippine Independence: An Examination of Gender and Sexual Stereotypes of Pilipina Entertainment Workers and US Servicemen,” which was published in OURJ in Fall 2015.

Seth Temple presented his research, “Bean as Our Future: How Ender’s Shadow Disputes the 1997 Backlash against Human Cloning,” which will be published in OURJ’s upcoming Spring 2017 issue.

For more information about the Undergraduate Research Symposium, please visit the website for the event.