09:30     Coffee & Sign-in

10:00     Welcome

Mayra Amezcua – University of Oregon OSA  Chapter President

10:10     Optical Devices

10:10     2nd generation acousto-optic deflector based laser drilling

Jan Kleinert – ESI

10:25    Quantum Pulse Gating via Nonlinear Frequency Conversion

Dileep Reddy – University of Oregon

10:40    High-Speed Wide-Angle Optical Transmitter and Receiver for Indoor Hybrid Free-Space Optical and WiFi Networks

Spencer Liverman – Oregon State University

10:55    Break

11:05    Electron Optics

11:05    Optics from Light to Electrons to Ions

David Tuggle – Thermo Fisher (Formally FEI)

11:20    Photonic Waveguide Characterization via Photoemission Electron Microscopy

Theodore Stenmark – Portland State University

11:35     Holographic Beam Shaping

Jordan Pierce – University of Oregon

11:50     Confinement of Noble Metal (111) Surface Electrons by Carbon Nanohoop Quantum Corrals

Ben Taber – University of Oregon

12:00     Lunch

13:30     Tours

15:00     Imaging Systems

15:00     Characterization of Two-­Photon Absorption Processes

Fredrick DeArmond – Portland State University

15:15     Monitoring the Intercalation of Acridine Orange Molecules into 6-Methyl Isoxanthopterin -Labeled DNA by Circular Dichroism and Single-Molecule FRET

Huiying Ji – University of Oregon

15:30     Colorimetric Biosensing with Diatom Photonic Crystal Biosilica

Xianming Kong – Oregon State University

15:45     Local actuation and transduction of graphene nanomechanical drumhead motion using all-optical techniques

David Miller – University of Oregon

16:00     Break

16:10     Fiber Optics

16:10     Fiber gratings strain sensor systems for composites and adhesive joints

Ingrid Scheel – Multnomah Falls Research

16:25     Transverse-modal-instability-free Yb-doped Chirally Coupled Core fiber MOPA

Jim (Jiamin) Zhang – nLight


17:00     Networking at Falling Sky Pizzeria