Pics from Herrup’s talk


















Thanks so much for attending Cynthia Herrup’s wonderful talk, Why Pardons Fail. Above is the 1612 Geneva Bible printed by Robert Barker discussed in the previous post on this blog, that we had on view, among much else, at the talk.

Enjoying a drink with the speaker following the talk:














We also had on view a little work by Nathaniel Crouch, a printer, bookseller and popular historian who published The Wars in England, Scotland and Ireland under a pseudonym (Richard Burton). Our copy, 942.06 C884, although printed in 1684, nearly forty years after the execution of Charles I, has been annotated and added to by an early reader in many ways that speaks to the emotions that the political upheaval of the seventeenth century continued to evoke, as in this cut-out printed in red and pasted in on the back of the frontispiece.























And in this manuscript comment about the command to kill also the sons of Charles I “without mercy!” that the reader has added to the back of the execution scene.














For more on Crouch, see doi:10.2307/2739362.