Obesity and Metabolism Research Lab

University of Oregon, Department of Human Physiology

Undergraduate Research Symposium

Congratulations Jade, presenting her research on how maternal obesity influences circadian rhythms in offspring skeletal muscle at the Undergraduate Research Symposium and presenting her honors college thesis this week!

2017 APS Undergraduate Sumer Research Fellowship

Congratulations Shawn on winning a summer research fellowship from the American Physiological Society! Shawn will spend the summer in the lab studying how SIRT1 regulates PI3Kinase in response to diet.


Wecome to the Lab!

The newest members of the Obesity and Metabolism Research Lab just finished their first quarter in the UO Human Physiology Ph.D. program. Welcome to Oregon Nelson and Keenan!


Undergraduate Research Symposium

IMG_20160520_180039695_TOPCongratulations Mai’ana on Presenting her poster “In Utero High Fat Diet Exposure Disrupts Circadian Rhythms in Mice” at the¬†2016¬†Undergraduate Research Symposium!