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Paul Olejarczuk


Ph.D. Candidate

Department of Linguistics

University of Oregon





general interests: psycholinguistics, phonetics-phonology interface, speech perception, second language acquisition

more specifically: perceptual learning, category structure, learning biases, context effects in perception, phonotactics, prosody

past and current projects:

  • the interaction of gradient phonotactics and the metrical parse (dissertation work)
  • phonetic category learning from asymmetrical input distributions (with Volya Kapatsinski)
  • biased belief updating in the learning of lexical stress (with Volya Kapatsinski)
  • acoustic correlates of [ATR] in Komo (with Manuel Otero)
  • perceptual learning of intonation contours (with Volya Kapatsinski and Lisa Redford)
  • perception of disordered prosody (with Lisa Redford)
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