Traditional Artist Spotlight: Alex Llumiquinga Perez

Alex Llumiquinga Perez is a talented musician originally from Ecuador. Perez’s first teacher and inspiration was his grandfather, who played traditional Andean music. As a child, Perez learned not only his grandfather’s tunes but also those of popular Andean folk groups. Perez later joined the traditional group Chayag, and toured internationally. In 2001, Perez immigrated to Oregon and joined his wife in her home state of Oregon. Perez is well known in Lincoln County where he participates in many local events and benefit programs. In addition to playing music, Perez also makes traditional Andean instruments such as the charango (a 10 stringed guitar) and samponas (a type of pan flute).

Click here to watch Alex Llumiquinga Perez craft a charango and quena (a type of flute).

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