Head & Associate Professor, Department of Architecture      

School of Architecture and Allied Arts, University of Oregon                      

nywc at uoregon dot edu

Timber Tectonics in the Digital Age Seminar


Designers create beauty out of chaos.  I am interested in how designers can envision new possibilities and how choices of tools, methods and approaches influence these possibilities.  I seek to understand how architects can creatively shape the built environment and how students can most effectively learn design techniques.

Teaching provides an opportunity to focus on crucial issues:  How can we create sustainable places that help people live life to the fullest; enjoy and care for Nature; work and play together in supportive settings? I am guiding students to design sustainable communities while I try to build learning communities within the school.  It is a great gift to work with students, staff and colleagues who are thoughtful and motivated.

I work with computers because digital technology opens opportunities for innovation. The way we work, learn and interact are being continuously re-shaped with new software, networks and systems. I am interested in how the sensory experience of places can be supplemented by virtual connections and digital tools.I’ve used the Web to enhance learning since working on Virtual Design Studios at the University of Hong Kong in the 90’s. You can see how I use websites in design communication classes and architectural studios below and on my teaching page that links to older material. My old website has more background info about earlier research such as Virtual Design Studios.

University of Oregon Department of Architecture Faculty Profile

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