Schedule and Workshops

Concurrent workshops and evening keynote with Ivan Coyote Friday, May 16. Artist showcase of spoken word artists, comedians and musicians Saturday, May 17 at WOW Hall. Tickets included in registration costs.

Friday Schedule


 9-9:30am      Welcome by Dr. Carol Stabile, Center for the Study of Women in Society (Mills International Center)


9:45-11:15am  Workshop Session #1 Erb Memorial Union


Gender Performance: ReThinking Bullying: Homophobia, Masculinity and Gender Policing (Coquille River Room)

CJ Pascoe, University of Oregon



Engaging Creative Methodologies:  “Lean In, Lean Out, Shake It All About:” Critiquing the Postfeminists Manifesto (Rogue River Room)

Elizabeth Kissling, Eastern Washington University



Gender & Sexual Minority Issues K-12: “Put That Down, Honey”: Gender Expectations for Children (Metolius River Room)

 Jordan Clapper, University of Idaho



11:30-1:00pm Lunch


Women’s Center Roundtable (EMU Fishbowl Meeting Room)


Facilitated by Virginia Martin, Women’s Resource Center, Portland State University


The Coalition of Oregon Women’s Centers invites all Women’s Center staff, students, or interested faculty for an opportunity to brainstorm future collaborations, discuss current hot topics, and connect with new and familiar folks. This round table is open to people who are doing any social justice or feminist work on their campus.



Busted Justice K-12 Luncheon, preregistration required (Many Nations Longhouse)



1:00-1:50pm Roundtables to facilitate conversations, networking and opportunities to interact with presenters outside of a structured session (EMU Conference Room – by Panda Express on main level)


Gender Performance: CJ Pascoe, Sri Nair, Kemi Balogun (Coquille River Room)


Engaging Creative Methodologies: Elizabeth Kissling, Traci Boyle-Galestiantz, Whitney Jones (Rogue River Room)


Gender & Sexual Minority Issues K-12 Education: Jordan Clapper, Tracy Flynn, Elizabeth Meyer (Metolius River Room)



2:00-3:20pm   Workshop Session  #2 Erb Memorial Union


Gender Performance: Inside/Out: Using Classroom Strategies of Interrogate, Un-Do, and Re-Do Gender In the “Real” World (Coquille River Room)

Sri Nair, Derrius Carter, and Jason Damron, Portland State University



Engaging Creative Methodologies: When the Women’s Centers reach out to men, is it helpful or harmful to women? (Metolius River Room)

Traci Boyle-Galestiantz and Rut Martinex-Alicea, Portland Community College Sylvania



Gender & Sexual Minority Issues K-12 Education: Creating Welcoming Schools preK through grade 12, using an anti-bias, LGBTQ inclusive approach (Alsea River Room )

Tracy Flynn, Welcoming Schools



Gender & Sexual Minority Issues K-12 Education: Make It Better! (Rogue River Room )

Ivan Coyote



3:30-5pm        Workshop Session #3 Erb Memorial Union


Gender Performance:The Global Beauty Pageant Industry: Performance, Politics and Place (Coquille River Room)

Kemi Balogun, University of Oregon


Engaging Creative Methodologies:“Shake That Devil: A Critical Analysis of Cycles of Violence” (Metolius River Room)

Whitney Jones and Allyson Dean, Oregon State University

Engaging Creative Methodologies: A Queer Pedagogy and Community Engagement (Alsea River Room)

Julie Heffernan and Tina Gutierez-Schmich, University of Oregon

Gender & Sexual Minority Issues K-12 Education: Transgender and gender-creative students in preK-12 schools:  What can we learn from their teachers? (Rogue River Room)

Elizabeth Meyer, Cal Poly San Louis Obispo


 5-6:45pm        Dinner break


 7pm               Keynote: Ivan Coyote and book signing, Global Scholars Hall Great Room. Book will be available for purchase.


Saturday Schedule

Click here for Saturday events

Please contact Erin at 541-346-4099 to schedule time to meet individual artists