About Us

ASURE, The Associated Students for Undergraduate Research and Engagement (formerly known as nexus), is a student group that was founded to help connect students with research in every discipline happening at the University of Oregon. With the mission of being the one-stop-shop for peers on campus to be able to find advice, resources, and opportunities ASURE has grown to provide workshops, classroom visits, and advice to students interested in getting involved in research and faculty interested in working with undergraduates. 

Who We Are

These are the folks who make ASURE happen

Adeline Fecker is a senior biology student at the University of Oregon Clark Honors College. She is currently studying how sensory conditions influence social behavior using a zebrafish model at the Institute of Neuroscience. She loves getting to help students find their own research passion and prepare them for the undergraduate research symposium. She is also a chemistry tutor and published poet.

Momo Wilms-Crowe, Coordinator Research Area: Global Ethics, Social Movements, and Identity Formation

Shuxi is a junior majoring in anthropology, Asian studies, international studies and economics. Her previous research focuses on globalization and migration. Currently, she’s pursuing a project about media representations of Chinese women.

Joan Hicks, Coordinator Research Area: Psychology, Anthropology

Isabelle Cullen is a Biology major with an emphasis in Neuroscience and a minor in Psychology. She currently works in the Smear lab as a research assistant to study freely moving olfactory navigation research.