Congratulations Graduates, and Welcome New Students!

This year the NMCC is celebrating three new graduates from the NMCC Certificate Program…

Alexander Wurts is graduating with an MFA from the School of Art + Design

His favorite NMCC Course was J610: Transemdial Aesthetics, and he plans to continue to work in Graphic Design & 3D Animation after graduation







Natalie Wood is also graduating with an MFA from the School of Art + Design

Her favorite class was ENG 586: New Media & Digital Culture, and she plans to teach art in California after graduation.






Christopher Teloman is graduating with an MLA in Landscape Architecture from the School of Architecture & Environment





…And Welcoming 2 Incoming Students to the Program!



Brandon Harris is a PhD Student in Media Studies, focusing on Online Communities and subcultures, such as e-sports and craft beer communities.





Kirk Peterson is a Master’s Student in Folklore & Public Culture. His research interests include digital folklore, folklore transmission processes in new media spaces, cultural multimodality, and interactions between folk materials and mass cultural products.




Tuesday Job Roundup

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Shelfie: Shehram Mokhtar

Shehram Mokhtar is a doctoral candidate in media studies at the University of Oregon. His interests in media, performance, and cultural studies intersect with transgender studies and feminist, queer, and postcolonial theory. He researches on media and performance cultures of various marginalized communities in the Global South, specifically Pakistan, and aim to produce scholarship from the perspective of the margins. This is particularly challenging because media and communication studies engender a Eurocentric way of knowing the world. However, contemporary scholars working on media particularly within the frameworks of transgender studies and feminist, queer, and postcolonial theory have opened up avenues for dialogue with the field.

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NMCC Lecture on Mon, Apr 16: Intel’s Melissa Gregg


Please join us next Monday April 16th at 4pm for this year’s NMCC Lecture by anthropologist, author, and Intel researcher Melissa Gregg.  Her lecture, titled “Counterproductive: Time Management in a Knowledge Economy,” will focus on topics of contemporary time management and workplace imperatives of productivity, with special attention to the impacts of technological approaches to organizing our time. In bridging academic work in new media theory and research contributions to the tech industry, Gregg’s thinking charts ambitious new paths through our contemporary technological milieu.


Dr. Gregg’s presentation will be drawing from her in-progress book, Counterproductive: A brief history of time management (forthcoming with Duke University Press). Her previous publications include Work’s Intimacy (Polity, 2011), The Affect Theory Reader (Duke UP, 2010), Cultural Studies’ Affective Voices (Palgrave 2006), numerous articles in The Atlantic, and a contribution to the recent multi-author volume Data: Now Bigger and Better! (Prickly Paradigm Press, 2016).

Melissa Gregg is Principal Engineer and Director of Smart Home Research at Intel.


Following the talk, we will host a catered reception.


This event is sponsored by the New Media and Culture Certificate, the Art & Technology Program, the Graduate School, and the College of Arts & Sciences.


Join us on Monday, April 16th at 4pm in the Knight Library Browsing Room. 



NYT Piece on Data Ethics by NMCC Director Colin Koopman

Be sure to check out NMCC Director Colin Koopman’s latest think piece in the New York Times on the need to build ethics into the infrastructure of datafication and collection:

“How Democracy Can Survive Big Data”

Illustration by Yoshi Sodeoka; Photographs by Flashpop/Digitalvision, via Getty Images

“We have in the course of a single century built an entire society, economy and culture that runs on information. Yet we have hardly begun to engineer data ethics appropriate for our extraordinary information carnival. If we do not do so soon, data will drive democracy, and we may well lose our chance to do anything about it.”

Welcome New NMCC Students!

A warm welcome to our incoming NMCC members this term!

Hadil Abuhmaid


Media Studies, MA

Research Interests: film and culture, community cultural development, and communication.



Brent Cowley


Media Studies, PhD

Research Interests: the ways in which media influences and educates culture and society, and studying media censorship, especially from an industry standpoint.



John Guzman


Media Studies, MA

Research Interests: the intersections of environmental criticism, disability studies, and media – particularly the complications introduced by new media and technologies.


Catharine Roner-Reiter


Law, J.D., C.R.E.S.

Research Interests: entertainment industries and cultural impact, economics and society, Eurasian culture.



Valerie Simon


Philosophy, PhD

Research Interests: Phenomenology (especially Merleau-Ponty and Sara Ahmed), Sexuality Studies, Feminist Philosophy, and Philosophy of Social Science.

Save the Date: Melissa Gregg, April 16th


NMCC is excited to host a talk by Melissa Gregg, author of Work’s Intimacy (2011) and Principal Engineer and Director of Smart Home Research at Intel.



We invite you to attend a free to the public talk, “Counterproductive: Time management in a knowledge economy,” from her in-progress book on time management technologies.

Monday, April 16th at 4pm in the Knight Library Browsing Room.