Data Ethics Webinar co-presented by the UO Philosophy Department on Thursday, October 22 at 11

The Philosophy Department at the University of Oregon—in collaboration with the Oregon Humanities Center as well as with faculty at the University of Kansas and Koç University— is pleased to host a monthly webinar-style conversation series on Data Ethics.

The webinar will consist of two online meetings a month (~1hr). One meeting will be an internal/institutional online discussion meeting reserved to those institutionally affiliated people with an interest in data ethics. This first meeting will be a seminar style discussion based on assigned readings for the monthly topic; a second monthly public meeting (~1hr) will be reserved to welcome a speaker for a thorough discussion/talk of a topic in data ethics.

This webinar series is possible in part thanks to the generosity of the Oregon Humanities Center’s Endowment for Public Outreach in the Arts, Sciences, and Humanities as well as academic sponsorship opportunities from Ripple Labs Inc. at the University of Kansas.

For any questions regarding scheduling and registration please visit this webpage or contact Ramón Alvarado at with subject line “data ethics webinar”.

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