NMCC Omeka Showcase Exhibits are Live!

NMCC is happy to announce the launch of a digital web exhibit platform we have set up for our students. Using Omeka, a leading open-source digital collections and design collection, we have created a hosted space for NMCC students to build a digital exhibit with the assistance of NMCC (and Digital Scholarship Center) staff.

We are launching with two just-finished exhibits by a pair of excellent NMCC graduate students.  The first exhibit, by NMCC and History of Art and Architecture Doctoral Student Emily Lawhead, is titled “‘Make a Shadow’: The Performative Arc of Mieko Shiomi’s Spatial Poem #4.” It  traces the performative dimensions of a decade-long (1965-175) project by Japanese artist Mieko Shiomi (b. 1938) in association with the international Fluxus Movement. The second, by NMCC Program Assistant and SOJC Doctoral Candidate Patrick Jones, is titled “Mechanized Secrecy: A Genealogy of Democratic Spaces.” It explores how the secret ballot reorganized the act of voting in the United States in the late 19th century.

For more information on our Omeka exhibits, visit our website.

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