SOJC’s “What Is Information?” Conference

Coming up this weekend (starting tonight in fact!) is the SOJC’s annual “What Is…?” conference that is always of interest to the NMCC community. The event is free and open to everyone in the UO community. Check it out for a little bit of isolation relief.


This year’s theme and conference title is What is Information?



What is Information? (2020) will investigate conceptualizations and implementations of information via material, representational, and hybrid frames. The cyberconference will consider information and its transformational effects and affects—from documents to data; from facts and fictions to pattern recognition; from differential equations to physical information; and from volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity to collective intelligence and wisdom.


This conference is free and open to all UO affiliates.  Please click on the registration link ( to join a waitlist so you can be verified by conference organizers before receiving the link for the virtual sessions.


… and a special thanks to Janet Wasko and Jeremy Swartz for their quick work in porting the annual conference to an online format this year!

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