Fall 2019 Course Offerings

The fall 2019 course offerings for the NMCC have been posted to the website. Postings for fall are tentative, so please check UO Class Schedule for updates.

Fall 2019 Course Listings
*Fall Course Listings are Tentative
Course Number Course Title Professor
ARTD 510 Art of Surveillance Rueter
ENG 660 Digital Humanities Fickle
LAW 610 Tech Competence in Law TBA
COLT 616 Transmedial Aesthetics Allan
EDUC 610 Philosophical Foundations of Social Science Rosiek
J 512 Topic reality TV Sen
J 512 Topics Communication and Democracy Youm
J 532 Report for Election Media Abdenour
J 610 Visual Communication Newton
MUS 570 Hist Electoacoust MUS Hatakeyama
Course Number Course Title Professor
EDUC 611 Survey of Education Research Methods DeGarmo
LA 508 Wrk Adv Ditigal Media Abelman
LA 510 Env Data Visualization Lee
MUS 611 Research Methods Shaffer
PPPM 656 Quantitative Methods Jacobsen
PSY 512 Applied Data Analysis Pennefather
PSY 607 Data Science Club Srivastava
PSY 611 Data Analysis I Weston
SOC 610 Data Visualization Southworth
ARCH 610 Intro Arch Computing TBA
ARTD 510 Data Visualization Tan
EDLD 610 Intro Data Science W/R Anderson
EDUC 612 Social Science Research Design TBA
EDUC 642 Multi Regression and Educational Research Biancarosa
EDUC 654 Adv Approaches to Behavioral Analysis Machalicek
J 660 Historical Methods Soderlund
LA 559 Top 3D Mapping with Lida Lee
MUS 576 Digital Aud Wrk Tech 1 Bellona
MUS 580 Audio Record Techn I Miller and Bellona
MUS 645 Adv Electronic Comp Wang
MUS 693 Ore Electr Device Orch Hatakeyama
Course Number Course Title Professor
CIS 571 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Nguyen
LAW 610 Trademark Law Priest
J 611 Mass Communication and Society Foxman or Maier
AAD 550 Art in Society Blandy
ARCH 523 Media for design and Devleopment Utsey and Williams
ARH 507 Se Cntmp Asn Art/Film TBA
ARTD 510 Web Art TBA
ARTD 563 Communication Design Salter
ARTD 571 3-D Computer Imaging Ching
CINE 510 Transnational Film/Media Ok
EDST 610 Sapsik’wala Indigenous Technology Jacobsen
EDST 670 Philosophy of Research Rosiek
J 560 Brand Insight with Data Markowitz
J 563 Social Media Journalism Radcliffe
J 567 Digital Asia Nah
J 594 Strat Comm Research Shafer
J 596 Comparative Media Law Youm
J 612 Media Theory I Ofori-Parku
MUS 547 Digital Audio and Sound Design Stolet
MUS 548 Interactive Media Performance Stolet

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