Deadline Tomorrow (12/8)! Learn how to edit Wikipedia with the National Archives!

The deadline is approaching for Wiki Education’s January 2019 professional development opportunity: learn how to edit Wikipedia, in collaboration with the National Archives and Wiki Education.

Wikipedia professional development courses

As a reminder, in our three month online professional development courses courses, participants get face time with our Wikipedia experts, learning how to add knowledge to Wikipedia successfully. They’re invited to join the online community of Wikipedians, taught to utilize emerging modes of knowledge transmission, and encouraged to make a broader impact with their scholarship by reaching millions and helping others in their departments and universities understand the ins and outs of Wikipedia. These immersive courses present opportunities for collaboration across disciplines and topic areas. You’ll build connections with likeminded scholars who are just as passionate about equitable, open knowledge as you are! Plus, this is the only skills-development course of its kind worldwide.

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Our next professional development course launches in January, and we’d love for you (or any of your interested friends and colleagues) to join! In this three month online course, you’ll learn to edit Wikipedia, but with a direct goal of improving information about voting rights, suffragists, and related topics.

Rightfully Hers: American Women and the Vote
In March 2019, the National Archives Museum will launch an exhibit commemorating the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment. In the exhibit, visitors will learn about the history of suffrage in the United States, as well as glean new insights into basic civics, why voting matters, the women who were disenfranchised after the 19th amendment, and struggles that persist today. When visitors leave the exhibit and look for more information about what they learned, they will look to Wikipedia. That’s why the National Archives has partnered with us to work with subject-matter experts who can ensure Wikipedia is as comprehensive and accurate as possible in its coverage of these important topics.

The cost of participation is $1,500, but we encourage you or your colleagues to seek funding from your employer to cover the cost of your participation! Applications for this unique professional development experience are due by December 8, 2018. Accepted applicants will engage in the virtual course from January to March 2019.

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