Welcome New NMCC Students!

A warm welcome to our incoming NMCC members this term!

Hadil Abuhmaid


Media Studies, MA

Research Interests: film and culture, community cultural development, and communication.



Brent Cowley


Media Studies, PhD

Research Interests: the ways in which media influences and educates culture and society, and studying media censorship, especially from an industry standpoint.



John Guzman


Media Studies, MA

Research Interests: the intersections of environmental criticism, disability studies, and media – particularly the complications introduced by new media and technologies.


Catharine Roner-Reiter


Law, J.D., C.R.E.S.

Research Interests: entertainment industries and cultural impact, economics and society, Eurasian culture.



Valerie Simon


Philosophy, PhD

Research Interests: Phenomenology (especially Merleau-Ponty and Sara Ahmed), Sexuality Studies, Feminist Philosophy, and Philosophy of Social Science.

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