Fall Course Listings Updated

Taking a brief break from summer here in anticipation of gearing up for Fall term classes… we wanted to post an updated listing of fall term courses now available on the NMCC 2017-18 courses page.

A newly-arrived course offering that will be of interest to many of you is a brand-new class in WGS titled ‘Digital Cultures and Sexualities‘.  This course will interrogate digital cultures as multi-faceted sites composed of material technologies, social practices, and cultural meanings that convey ideas about sexuality and gender. Drawing on the work of gender studies and new media scholars such as Anne Balsamo, Tom Boellstorff, A.R. Stone, Amy Adele Hasinoff, and others, the course will explore how sexuality and gender is articulated through narratives of technological innovation, the role of sexuality and the digital in processes of identity formation, and the possibilities and limits of digital worlds for disrupting, reinforcing, and/or challenging sexualized and gendered dynamics of power.

The course will be taught by Jeremiah Favara, a graduate of our very own New Media and Culture certificate program here at UO and this year an instructor in WGS. Jeremiah’s research focuses on the roles of gender, sexuality, race, technology, and history in media production and representations.


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