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And welcome to my blog! My name is Nellie Maher, and I am a senior at the University of Oregon studying public relations. This blog is part of a course I am currently enrolled in here at the UO called Strategic Public Relations Communication.

Over the next 10 weeks, I will explore the world of public relations through the lens of the topics we cover in class. For those seeking blog posts related to DIY projects, fashion trends, and new music, I recommend you go elsewhere. And, although I consider myself to be an expert on pugs, you won’t find any adorable crinkled faces or curled tails on the pages of this blog.

If PR is your thing, then I invite you to join me as I enter the world of blogging and expand my knowledge of public relations.

And fine, here’s one picture of my pugs. Just one, I promise.

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I am a junior studying Public Relations at the University of Oregon School of Journalism.

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